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As a new caregiver, Anton is confronted with a challenging and humorous moment,  His mom needs help in the ladies’ room.  Thankfully Lori, another caregiver, is there to share some advice from her experiences helping her dad.   If only they could switch parents, it might make things easier when dealing with toilets.

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Crowded Hospital Garden
Video Camera Lens

It’s been a long journey.  It began with my father being a professional photographer and I, his earliest model.   I’ve been in front of and behind the camera since before I can remember.   I thought everyone had a darkroom in their home.  Didn’t they?  Everyone had to process the film they shot, right?

As a child, in front of the camera, I learned the power of a subtle glance, an awkward tremble, and a purposeful clench.  Understanding the power of film to capture the true meaning of intention was deeply woven within my being.  Behind the camera, I learned the value of composition, contrast, texture, and the amazing power of positive and negative lighting.  Photography puts all those qualities together.

It’s when you add voice and sound and movement that it becomes magic.  In filmmaking, every element and everyone is working together, in a well-choreographed dance to create a moving, living piece of art that’s recorded for posterity. 

And I love doing that.

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